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BlackJack Guide

If you're a fan of skill-based casino games then blackjack should be at the top of your list. When played properly, blackjack can offer some of the highest winning odds at the casino. It's always a good idea to familiarize yourself with the basic rules of how to play online blackjack before you start. Blackjack is a card game that relies on a solid playing strategy and not just the luck of the draw. Here are some important aspects of the game to keep in mind when playing online blackjack:

The player is only up against the dealer and not other players (as in poker). The object of the game is to get as close to 21 points without going over while maintaining a higher-ranking hand than the dealer's. If you go over you lose automatically. The player receives 2 blackjack cards to begin and can either hit (request more cards) or stick with his hand. The player can request more cards from the dealer and must try to get as close to 21 points without going over.

In blackjack, once the player sticks (does not receive any more cards) the dealer proceeds. If the dealer goes over 21 points he loses and the player wins. Otherwise, whoever is closest to 21 points wins. If both the blackjack dealer and player tie then nobody wins and bets are returned.

A blackjack is when 2 cards equal 21 points. This combination is made up of an ace and a face card (or a 10). Note that the ace card is worth wither 11 or 1 -which ever benefits the hand the most. A blackjack beats a 21-point hand that is made up of more than 2 cards. The best way to develop your online blackjack skills is to practice using simulation software. Practice and build a blackjack strategy and you'll be ready to play for real money at some of the top online casinos.

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